I am lucky enough again to be spending this last week of summer on vacation in the Adirondacks. It’s a great place to run and I admit to enjoying that immensely. Another task over this time though is to start the process of selecting candidates for the GRTC Hall of Fame for the banquet in January. It always a question of picking the right and deserving people. That[i] selection task itself is difficult however as running itself is a “family” of sports which can be very different.


There is first of all a variation in terms of distances people run.  There is sprinting on the track, 5K’s, 10K’s , cross country racing and endurance racing up to 50 miles. There are also different individual approaches to our sport and what one wants to get out of it.  There is the competitive runner looking for awards, the recreational runner looking for fun and community, and of course the health oriented runner looking to lose weight and stay in shape. There is also an age variation.  There is the young runner competing in college on a sports scholarship, the middle age runner looking for a “mental health break” from a busy career, and the “senior runner” (you all know who uou are!!) who understands more than others the different stages in the life of a runner from their own experience. The beauty of our sport however is that all can exist and run together in the same place (if not pace) at the same time.


Supplying support for all these different kinds of runners is really what the mission of GRTC is all about. If you are a competitive track runner of any age the GRTC spring training clinic under Mike Reif and Carolyn Smith Hanna is the place to be. If you are a medium distance runner the Freezeroo series and RROY series give options from 5K to 10 miles. If you are a long distance runner our ultra series under Gil Robs gives options up to 50 miles. And if you simply enjoy the fun of competing against others, the GRTC sponsored Rochester Runner of the Year series gives options all year to work your way to the podium.


Running truly is a family of sports and you may come to it from your own personal perspective and needs. Overall though, running itself is a common bond we all share. If you want to continue to have opportunities for running in the Rochester region, come join (or renew your membership in) GRTC. We have a place for you.  As always, a modest $20 yearly membership goes a long way to keeping our sport vibrant and maintaining running events and opportunities for all. You’ll be glad you did. Maybe someday you will be the next GRTC Hall of Fame recipient. See you out on the road.


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Doug Jones

President GRTC