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Freezeroo Entries 2011-12 Print
2011-2012 GRTC Freezeroo Entrants:

Final Series Entries (single race entries are listed below)
Last Updated:  February 24, 2012
Note:  Last chance to register for Series was at January 14th Don Curran 5K.
Total number of Series Entries:  249
Contact Tom Perry ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with questions or corrections.
Last NameFirst NameHometownAge Jan1CategoryMember
Alesio Philip Rochester 52 M50-54 Yes
Alston Wilton Rochester 53 M50-54 Yes
Andrews Brian Fairport 47 M45-49 Yes
Appleby John Spencerport 59 M55-59 Yes
Arendt Maura Rochester 43 F40-44 Yes
Ball Mitchell Rochester 31 M30-34 Yes
Barleben Jon Albion 43 M40-44 Yes
Barleben Justin Rochester 20 M20-24 Yes
Barry Christopher Newark 59 M55-59 Yes
Benz Ken Webster 47 M45-49 Yes
Beyerbach Bill Rochester 56 M55-59 Yes
Biddle Graham Ontario 56 M55-59 Yes
Bigham Jeff Rochester 30 M30-34 Yes
Blonowicz Brian Rochester 35 M35-39 Yes
Bolton Roger Albion 41 M40-44 Yes
Borrelli William Rochester 46 M45-49 Yes
Boula William Hilton 38 M35-39 Yes
Bradt JoAnne Scottsville 47 F45-49 Yes
Bray Michael Rochester 29 M25-29 Yes
Brennan James Pittsford 42 M40-44 Yes
Brewster Novis Rochester 52 M50-54 Yes
Brisbane Linda Pittsford 48 F45-49 Yes
Brown Kerri Pittsford 43 F40-44 Yes
Brown Michael Pittsford 47 M45-49 Yes
Burns Michael Rochester 34 M30-34 Yes
Butler Thomas Rochester 47 M45-49 Yes
Cadwalader Louise Lewiston 58 F55-59 Yes
Carafice Robert Rochester 68 M65-69 Yes
Carr Joanne Churchville 73 F70-74 Yes
Carson David Spencerport 36 M35-39 Yes
Cefalo Katie Rochester 31 F30-34  
Cefalo Michael Rochester 35 M35-39 Yes
Celentano Jamie Rochester 26 F25-29  
Celentano Mike Rochester 25 M25-29  
Cherney Barry Rochester 45 M45-49 Yes
Ciaio Andrew Victor 46 M45-49 Yes
Ciaio Laura Victor 44 F40-44 Yes
Ciancione Tim Rochester 46 M45-49 Yes
Clements Jake Avon 32 M30-34 Yes
Coffey Martin Pittsford 42 M40-44 Yes
Collins Tom Pittsford 46 M45-49 Yes
Conner Amanda Rochester 34 F30-34 Yes
Cornwell Adam Rochester 26 M25-29 Yes
Coyle Michael Rochester 36 M35-39 Yes
Crilly Tom Rochester 49 M45-49 Yes
Crowe William Rochester 61 M60-64 Yes
Crumrine Robert Fairport 62 M60-64 Yes
Cunningham Ann Rochester 49 F45-49 Yes
Curry John Brockport 54 M50-54 Yes
Curry Stacy Derby 57 F55-59 Yes
Danielson Heather Rochester 36 F35-39 Yes
Davenport David Rochester 60 M60-64 Yes
Davis Matthew Rochester 39 M35-39 Yes
Degma Matt Rochester 57 M55-59 Yes
DellaPietra Rachael East Rochester 32 F30-34 Yes
DeMay Mike Honeoye Falls 49 M45-49 Yes
Derks Steven West Henrietta 48 M45-49 Yes
DeWeaver Douglas Rochester 54 M50-54 Yes
Dilcher Karl Brockport 43 M40-44 Yes
Dilgard David Penfield 57 M55-59 Yes
Dimick Dale Webster 44 M40-44 Yes
Dirmyer Richard Rochester 26 M25-29 Yes
Drexel David Livonia 61 M60-64 Yes
Drexel Susan Livonia 58 F55-59 Yes
Duberry Rebecca Rochester 41 F40-44 Yes
Dunn Michael Rochester 55 M55-59 Yes
Dwyer Tim Rochester 52 M50-54 Yes
Eaggleston Heather Honeoye 37 F35-39 Yes
Eaton Kenneth Scottsville 14 M19under Yes
Eilinger Timothy Mendon 47 M45-49 Yes
Eisenman Carol Rochester 54 F50-54 Yes
Falletti John Rochester 43 M40-44 Yes
Farley Scott Walworth 48 M45-49 Yes
Fedrizzi David Pittsford 51 M50-54 Yes
Feldstein Mike Rochester 40 M40-44 Yes
Feller Laura Rochester 32 F30-34 Yes
Flanigan Patrick Rochester 47 M45-49 Yes
Fleig Matthew Rochester 45 M45-49 Yes
Fromm Amy North Chili 39 F35-39 Yes
Gajewski Benjamin Geneseo 25 M25-29 Yes
Gensheimer Bill Rochester 30 M30-34 Yes
Gianniny Dana Rochester 42 F40-44 Yes
Giblin Daniel Irondequoit 49 M45-49 Yes
Gibson Tom Canandaigua 49 M45-49 Yes
Glass Brian Spencerport 32 M30-34 Yes
Glor Paul Rochester 33 M30-34 Yes
Godshall Karen Spencerport 47 F45-49 Yes
Goppert Kim Webster 54 F50-54 Yes
Gordon David Pittsford 64 M60-64 Yes
Gottfried Lynn Fairport 32 F30-34 Yes
Guth Cheryl Rochester 57 F55-59 Yes
Haas Robert Red Creek 51 M50-54 Yes
Hadley Keith Rochester 52 M50-54 Yes
Haendiges Charles Arcade 77 M75-79 Yes
Hallstead Dudley Canandaigua 52 M50-54 Yes
Halquist Shawn Brockport 51 M50-54 Yes
Hawkins Tom Williamson 53 M50-54 Yes
Hawkins William Rochester 34 M30-34 Yes
Heeks Dave Rochester 74 M70-74 Yes
Heerkens, Jr Ron East Rochester 31 M30-34 Yes
Hickerson Andrea Penfield 32 F30-34 Yes
Hobba Jamie Rochester 50 M50-54 Yes
Hobbs James Rochester 37 M35-39 Yes
Hoffman Larry Ontario 43 M40-44 Yes
Hoskins Jennifer Rochester 38 F35-39 Yes
Howe Roger Rochester 64 M60-64 Yes
Hungerford Chanse Rochester 23 M20-24  
Iovoli Lou Victor 46 M45-49 Yes
Ivie Benjamin Scottsville 17 M19Under  
Jaffe Joseph Geneva 47 M45-49 Yes
Jerris Tom Livonia 53 M50-54 Yes
Johnson Ken Canandaigua 47 M45-49 Yes
Jones Douglas Pittsford 59 M55-59 Yes
Juliani Edward Henrietta 48 M45-49 Yes
Kaiser Jim Webster 53 M50-54 Yes
Kaplan Allan Rochester 51 M50-54 Yes
Kapp Richard Webster 40 M40-44 Yes
Karpinski Joseph Rochester 53 M50-54 Yes
Katz Dan Pittsford 57 M55-59 Yes
Kellman Karin Penfield 44 F40-44 Yes
Kellman Matt Penfield 47 M45-49 Yes
Khork Meg Hornell 32 F30-34 Yes
Klatt Roger Barker 51 M50-54 Yes
Klimasewski Lexie Fairport 16 F19Under Yes
Knarr Jason Webster 35 M35-39  
Knauf Alan Rochester 55 M55-59 Yes
Knopp Daniel Buffalo 22 M20-24  
Kratky Janel Victor 37 F35-39 Yes
Kriesen Carolyn Webster 68 F65-69 Yes
Kryder Karen Rochester 55 F55-59 Yes
Kuhlkin Aida Hamlin 34 F30-34  
Lamme Tom Penfield 64 M60-64 Yes
Lavner Mark Fairport 55 M55-59 Yes
Lee Naomi Rochester 28 F25-29 Yes
Leonardis Anthony Rochester 45 M45-49  
Lewandowski Dick Rochester 67 M65-69 Yes
Lewandowski Mitzie Rochester 64 F60-64 Yes
Liana Debbie Rochester 27 F25-29 Yes
Liberatore Jennica Rochester 25 F25-29  
Lofquist Bill Geneseo 48 M45-49 Yes
Madigan Mark Pittsford 50 M50-54 Yes
Malik Jeff Rochester 32 M30-34 Yes
Malik Jen Rochester 32 F30-34 Yes
Malinowski Todd Rochester 39 M35-39 Yes
Marciano Alan Spencerport 45 M45-49 Yes
Martin Ann Victor 53 F50-54 Yes
Martina Marty Pittsford 50 M50-54 Yes
Maseduca Aimee Fairport 28 F25-29 Yes
Matzan Brian Hilton 33 M30-34 Yes
McGuire Lynda Scottsville 63 F60-64 Yes
McKee Patricia Honeoye Falls 54 F50-54 Yes
McLyman Christina Rochester 44 F40-44 Yes
McLyman Patrick Rochester 46 M45-49 Yes
Milligan Patrick Rochester 47 M45-49 Yes
Moriarty Dick Churchville 55 M55-59 Yes
Muczynski Joe Rochester 48 M45-49 Yes
Mulhair Wayne Rochester 43 M40-44 Yes
Mullane Michael Fairport 48 M45-49 Yes
Mulvaney Tim West Henrietta 61 M60-64 Yes
Murphy William Rochester 63 M60-64 Yes
Natale John Fairport 43 M40-44 Yes
Nelson Juliann Victor 53 F50-54 Yes
Nelson Philip Victor 60 M60-64 Yes
Nesbitt Phil Churchville 25 M25-29 Yes
Niver-Gennarino Mari Rochester 41 F40-44 Yes
Noble Stephen Rochester 21 M20-24 Yes
Norman Mary Rochester 41 F40-44  
O'Brocta Brad Churchville 40 M40-44 Yes
O'Mara II Patrick Rochester 41 M40-44 Yes
Ostrander Heather Macedon 38 F35-39 Yes
Otto Bob Rochester 72 M70-74 Yes
Palmieri Theresa Buffalo 47 F45-49 Yes
Palmieri-Phelan Patricia North Chili 42 F40-44 Yes
Parker Michelle Rochester 47 F45-49 Yes
Parsons Michele Rochester 38 F35-39 Yes
Pellegrin Tina Rochester 37 F35-39  
Perks Joshua Fairport 37 M35-39 Yes
Philips Steven Rochester 35 M35-39 Yes
Pleninger Kathleen Rochester 50 F50-54 Yes
Plummer Charley Rochester 28 M25-29 Yes
Polino Jeff Fairport 35 M35-39 Yes
Prindle Douglas Fairport 51 M50-54 Yes
Rea Jennifer Rush 45 F45-49 Yes
Reynolds Holly Rochester 31 F30-34 Yes
Reynolds Jenny Arkport 33 F30-34 Yes
Riley James Fairport 56 M55-59 Yes
Rivera Michelle Webster 43 F40-44 Yes
Roberts Marty Penn Yan 54 F50-54 Yes
Roberts Matthew Fairport 27 M25-29  
Rogers Dwight Churchville 70 M70-74 Yes
Roome Alan Lakeville 48 M45-49 Yes
Rosengrant Wes Churchville 51 M50-54 Yes
Rouse Kate Rochester 29 F25-29 Yes
Rowe Ken Newark 53 M50-54 Yes
Ruhland Christina N. Chili 43 F40-44 Yes
Ruhland Matthew N. Chili 13 M19under Yes
Sabatine Charles Victor 78 M75-79 Yes
Sampson Blake Rochester 27 M25-29 Yes
Sampson Sarah Rochester 26 F25-29 Yes
Sauter David Penfield 44 M40-44 Yes
Schmitt Pete Rochester 37 M35-39 Yes
Scott M Stephen Rochester 30 M30-34 Yes
Sennett David Auburn 61 M60-64 Yes
Shigley Anne Rochester 24 F20-24 Yes
Shores Patrick Hamlin 30 M30-34 Yes
Shortley Michael Fairport 57 M55-59 Yes
Sillick Daniel Hilton 55 M55-59 Yes
Skarzynski Chad Rochester 31 M30-34 Yes
Smith Al Rochester 73 M70-74 Yes
Smith Bryan Fairport 31 M30-34  
Smith Mike Penfield 54 M50-54 Yes
Smith Hanna Carolyn Pittsford 61 F60-64 Yes
Sochia Marty Spencerport 51 M50-54 Yes
Spencer Matt Pittsford 41 M40-44  
Standhart Scott Churchville 39 M35-39 Yes
Standhart Walter Rochester 67 M65-69 Yes
Subik Kristy Rochester 35 F35-39 Yes
Sullivan Lynn East Rochester 49 F45-49 Yes
Tally Joe Fairport 40 M40-44 Yes
Thornberg Charles Rochester 48 M45-49 Yes
Thull Ted Macedon 50 M50-54 Yes
Tyler Rob Pittsford 55 M55-59 Yes
Tyo Kathee Rochester 34 F30-34 Yes
Tytler Tom Webster 63 M60-64 Yes
Updyke Gary Pittsford 63 M60-64 Yes
Urban David Rochester 56 M55-59 Yes
Vanderhoff Rebecca Rochester 32 F30-34 Yes
Vanham Kera Rochester 38 F35-39 Yes
Vazquez Julio Rochester 53 M50-54 Yes
Ventura John Rochester 56 M55-59 Yes
Viterise Michael Rochester 54 M50-54 Yes
Vorndran Patrick Rochester 43 M40-44 Yes
Wagner John Rochester 57 M55-59 Yes
Wagner Ray Rochester 17 M19under Yes
Warchocki Mary Rochester 55 F55-59 Yes
Ward Dan Rochester 34 M30-34 Yes
Warner Judy Victor 63 F60-64 Yes
Webb Coley LeRoy 44 M40-44 Yes
Wesley Joe Rochester 49 M45-49 Yes
Whitaker Gordy Hamlin 50 M50-54 Yes
White Marie Henrietta 51 F50-54 Yes
Whorton James Rochester 44 M40-44 Yes
Williams Joe Canandaigua 38 M35-39 Yes
Wojnowkski Mary Rochester 44 F40-44 Yes
Woodhams Mark East Rochester 54 M50-54 Yes
Yeager Jim Rochester 45 M45-49 Yes
Zimmerman Nicholette Canandaigua 61 F60-64 Yes
Zimmerman Robert Canandaigua 64 M60-64 Yes
Zonitch John Albion 58 M55-59 Yes

Contact Tom Perry ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with questions or corrections.

Single Race Entries (series entries are listed above)
Last Updated:  February 24, 2012
Online registration closed at midnight on Thursday before each race.  
Day of race registration will be available 8:00-9:45am.
#6 Churchville                                
Last Name First Name Hometown Age Jan 1 Category Member
Baroody-Solomon Elizabeth Rochester 37 F35-39
Basener Amber Avon 39 F35-39
Basener Bill Avon 38 M35-39
Elkovitch Scott Farmington 34 M30-34                            
Hurst Michael Vestal 26 M25-29
Labarron-Roberts Kathleen Hornell 42 F40-44
Levendusky Heidi Avon 39 F35-39
Lord Amy Honeoye Falls 49 F45-49 Yes
Maslanka Mary Churchville 30 F30-34
McKenney Krista Rochester 32 F30-34
McNelis Mackenzie Rochester 17 F19Under
Ostrander Rick Macedon 41 M40-44
Rybak Jennifer Rochester 41 F40-44
Stamer Marjorie Rochester 20 F20-24
Stowbunenko Vincent West Henrietta 26 M25-29
Wallace Stephen Rochester 55 M55-59