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June 23, 2014Deadline for GRTC Relay Team Applications Extended to Sept 1st...+ Full Story
June 23, 2014 GRTC Teams in 2014 Rochester Marathon Relay! Club members...+ Full Story
June 18, 2014+ Full Story
April 12, 2014Attention:  The Ever-Popular GRTC Spring Trackouts are upon...+ Full Story
March 24, 2014Who's Going to Boston 2014? Here is a list of the local Rochester-area...+ Full Story
February 26, 2014Final Freezeroo Series Results: Kenny Goodfellow and Jen Malik became...+ Full Story
February 15, 2014 Don't Miss the Final Freezeroo!  "The Edge of...+ Full Story
December 13, 2013 New for Freezeroo This Year -- GRTC Poker Chips! Folks who sign up...+ Full Story
December 10, 2013   GRTC MILEStone Patches 2013   ** For GRTC...+ Full Story
November 16, 2013 11/16/13 Update - Pittsford to Fairport Canal Trail Work ...+ Full Story
November 1, 2013 Registration is Open for 35th Annual Freezeroo...+ Full Story
October 20, 2013 10/20/13 Update - Work Starts on New Section of Canal...+ Full Story
October 11, 2013 10/11/13 Update - Canal Trail Work Proceeding Rapidly Work is...+ Full Story
October 4, 2013 10/4/13 Update - Canal Trail Open for the Weekend A first layer of...+ Full Story
October 1, 2013 10/1/13 - Reconstruction of Canal Trail Has Started!...+ Full Story
September 27, 2013Sneaker Soiree - Girls on the Run of Greater Rochester Join us on...+ Full Story
September 25, 2013 GRTC Team Wins Marathon Relay! The GRTC Canal Crew (Mitchell...+ Full Story
September 11, 2013 9/24/13 - Rebuilding of Canal Trail Will Start Any Day...+ Full Story
September 11, 2013 9/11/13 - Canal Trail Closures Have Started.  Trail will be...+ Full Story
September 8, 2013 Two GRTC Teams in Marathon Relay! Our Club will have two teams in the...+ Full Story
September 8, 2013 9/8/13 - Work started on Canal Trail from Fairport to Bushnell's...+ Full Story
August 6, 2013Deadline for GRTC marathon relay team entry is September 1st.  Two...+ Full Story
July 16, 2013GRTC member Mike Coyle passed away July 13, 2013.   Mike was in an...+ Full Story
June 30, 2013 First GRTC Team for Marathon Relay! We have our first of three GRTC...+ Full Story
June 27, 2013 GRTC Teams in 2013 Rochester Marathon Relay! Club members...+ Full Story
February 17, 2013GRTC Banquet Photos Here are some great photos of our 2013 Awards...+ Full Story
February 12, 2013Freezeroo Series Scoring Change: Best 3 of 5 Races Due to cancellation...+ Full Story
February 8, 2013Greece Freezeroo Cancelled: The February 9th Freezeroo...+ Full Story
January 29, 2013Milestone Patches for 2012 Final List of MILEstone Patch Recipients:...+ Full Story
December 21, 2012Banquet Online Reg Extended to Midnight Friday Jan...+ Full Story
January 6, 2013 New Freezeroo Race Next Saturday -- Edge of the World 10K in...+ Full Story
November 28, 2012 December 8th Freezeroo is ON despite Pineway Ponds Lodge Fire...+ Full Story
November 1, 2012Two New Freezeroo Races This Winter!!  Race #1 on...+ Full Story
July 14, 2012 July 31 Update - We have our first sponsored GRTC Team! We...+ Full Story
July 14, 2012 GRTC Teams in Rochester Marathon Relay! Club members of...+ Full Story
March 14, 2012Around the Bay Run Videos Saturday, March 10, 2012 - Irondequoit/Webster,...+ Full Story
March 7, 2012Utica Boilermaker 15K Almost FULL! GRTC chartering two buses! The...+ Full Story
March 2, 2012 Freezeroo Series Observations Outstanding...+ Full Story
February 17, 2012 Freezeroo Standings After Race 5 Don't miss the Pizza Party Freezeroo...+ Full Story
February 15, 2012Lost & Found at the Greece Valentine's Freezeroo Lost: A pair of...+ Full Story
February 12, 2012Photos from the GRTC 2012 Awards Banquet Thanks to Tim Matthews and Tom...+ Full Story
January 31, 2012RROY Winners Receive Awards at the GRTC Banquet At the January 28th...+ Full Story
December 30, 2011MILEStone Patch Awards - As of 02/08/2012 Here is the FINAL list of...+ Full Story
December 27, 2011RROY Consistent Participant Winners 2011 The winners of the RROY...+ Full Story
December 13, 2011Milestone Patches for 2011 ** For GRTC members only**   In...+ Full Story
September 29, 2011 Review Highland Canalway Trail Design; Construction Coming in...+ Full Story
November 4, 2011New Early Start Option at Longer Freezeroo Races: A 20-minute Early...+ Full Story
November 4, 2011Entries are now open for the Freezeroo Series.  You can register...+ Full Story
October 31, 2011RACE ON THE RIDGE Date Correction! - Nov. 6th The Race on the Ridge...+ Full Story
September 29, 2011Trail News Briefs - Fall 2011 There are two overarching trends in local...+ Full Story
September 19, 2011 GRTC Teams Shine in Marathon Relay! Our four teams had a great day at...+ Full Story
June 1, 2011 Invitation to Attend September 22nd Meeting on Canalway Trail...+ Full Story
August 18, 2011Barbara Stewart, GRTC Hall of Fame 1993 I am sorry to inform you of the...+ Full Story
August 8, 2011 8/4/11 - Auburn Trail Extension Bridge Installed!  Early on...+ Full Story