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The 36th Annual Freezeroo Series


The GRTC Freezeroo Series is a series of six winter races directed by GRTC, with the assistance of some of the local informal running groups (Sal's Runners, Gold Rush Runners, Oven Door Runners, and the Bagel Bunch Runners).  The races are intended to be low-key and fun!  Prizes are awarded at the last race of the series to the top three overall and age group winners.

Volunteers Needed! Click for details.

New this year - Register Online at no extra cost! 

The GRTC is paying the online registration transaction fee again this year.  It is quick, easy, secure, and actually costs less than pre-registering with a paper form (no postage or printing expense.) Online registration also saves your volunteer registrar a lot of work and eliminates typos in your registration data.

Race-day registration will still be available. Just come early to ensure adequate time to process your registration. 

Please Pre-Register for the Series or Individual Races
Everything goes smoother on race day if you have pre-registered.  Long lines for race day registration are eliminated.  The rush to get your information and bib number typed into the computer is eliminated, and you won't have to come to the race early for registration.

If you need to wait until the last minute to decide if you're racing, online registration is open until Wednesday at midnight for each race (except it's December 29th at midnight for the January 1st New Years Resolution Run).

Again, day of race registration is still available at each race.  Just come early to ensure adequate time for processing your registration.

No Refunds.  In the rare case that a race must be cancelled, there will be no refunds of single race or series entry fees.

No Paper Registration. All registration will be completed online. GRTC is payiing the service charge - there will be no additional cost!

Online Registration: Will open at midnight, November 9th!

All registration will take place online through RunSignUp. GRTC is paying the transaction fees, so you have the convenience of online registration at no extra cost to you! There are separate sign-up pages for the full Freezeroo Series (enrolling you in all six races) and for individual registration in one or more of the series races.

Register for the Full Freezeroo Series Here! (Opens at midnight, November 9th)

Register for one of more of the Individual Freezeroo Races Here! (Opens at midnight, November 9th)

As you register for the series or for one or more individual races, you will be given the option to purchase or renew your GRTC membership. Keep in mind that all GRTC members (whether new, current, or renewing) will receive a discount on their races! As you register, please be sure to read all guidance and information provided on the registration page to ensure that you receive the proper discounts. 

runsignup.png Online Series Registration Deadlines:  Please register for the Series three days before your first race, i.e., by midnight December 3rd for the Don Curran Memorial 5K, by midnight December 29th for New Years or (last chance) by midnight January 7th for Pineway Ponds.

Online Single Race Registration Deadlines:  Please register for each indvidual race by midnight three days before each race, i.e., before midnight on Wednesday before each Saturday race and by midnight December 29th for New Years. 

2014-2015 Schedule:

Registration for the Series and Individual Races will open on November 9th, 2014.  Online registration for each race closes on Wednesday at midnight before each race.  For example, online registration for the December 6th  Don Curran Memorial 5K closes at midnight on Wednesday, December 3rd.

December 6        Saturday  10am       Don Curran Memorial                                      5K

GPS Address:  332 Spencerport Road, Rochester, NY 14606.  Shelter is North Star Christian Academy.  Hosted by Gold Rush/GRTC.

January 1             Wednesday  10am    New Year's Resolution Run                           7.5 miles

GPS Address:  54 Douglas Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534.  Shelter is Stewart Lodge, Mendon Ponds Park.  Park in Beach Parking Lot.  Hosted by Carolyn Kriesen/GRTC

January 10         Saturday  10am       Pineway Ponds Park                                           5 miles

GPS Address: 2200 N. Union St., Spencerport, NY 14559.  Park is located 0.25 mi north of the Village of Spencerport on Union St Rt. 259.    Shelter is the Boetcher Lodge at the back of the park. Hosted by GRTC.  

January 24          Saturday  10am       The Hearnish 10k                                               6.385 miles    

GPS Address:  154 Park Rd, Pittsford NY 14534.  Shelter is Rand Lodge on Park Rd in Powder Mills Park. Hosted by Oven Door Runners/GRTC.

February 14         Saturday  10am       Valentines Run “In memory of Tom Brannon”  8 miles

GPS Address:  647 Long Pond Rd, Greece, NY 14612.  Shelter is Town of Greece DPW Bldg.  Hosted by Bagel Bunch/GRTC.

February 28        Saturday  10am       Edge of the World Run                                      10K
                                                                    Series awards and pizza after the race 

GPS Address:  6551 Knickerbocker Road, Ontario, NY 14519.  Shelter is the Lodge at Casey Park, approximately 1 mile north of the 104 in Ontario.  New flat and fast course.  Hosted by GRTC.  

Schedule Reminders for 2014 - 2015

Race #1 is the Don Curran Memorial in Gates. New this year, the series opening race will be at the Northstar Christian Academy in Gates. 

Race #3 at Pineway Ponds Park.  
Same course.  Same small lodge as last year with no heat.

Race #6 at Casey Park on Knickerbocker Rd in Ontario.  Same 10K course as last year.  Plenty of room for the Series Finale Pizza Party and Awards.

Rules and Race Information

Share the Road
Just a reminder for us all… The roads we race over will be open to vehicle traffic.  Run on the left unless directed otherwise by road marshals.  Do not cut the tangents on curves and corners.  Share the road.

Freezeroo Race Information: 
blue_arrow.gif Driving Directions
Maps & Certifications
blue_arrow.gif Freezeroo Race Hosts

No Refunds. In the rare case that a race must be cancelled, there will be no refunds of single race or series entry fees.

Series Rules and Series Scoring System:
You MUST register for the Series at YOUR first race, AND run 4 out of the 6 races to qualify for series awards. Your best four races will determine your standing. Your age on Jan 1st determines your age group.
The series scoring system is changed to a system that rewards outstanding performances and avoids ties. All men will be scored based on the performance of the overall male winner; all women will be scored based on the performance of the overall female winner. The male and female winners will be awarded the maximum score of 100 points. Other finishers in each category are awarded points proportional their performance. The male or female winning time will be divided by the finisher's time and that decimal value will be multiplied by 100.
For example, if the overall female winner completes the 8-mile Valentines Day race in 60 minutes and the first woman in the 50-54 age group finishes in 80 minutes:

• The first overall woman is awarded (60/60 x 100) = 100 points.
• The first 50-54 age group woman is awarded (60/80 x 100) = 75 points.

Early Start Option at Longer Races:
A 20-minute Early Start Option will be available at the five longer races, i.e., all except the Don Curran 5K. If you expect to average over 10:30 per mile, please consider taking an Early Start.
[If you will run faster than 10:30 per mile, please take the regular 10:00am start.]

Early Start Procedure:
• Pick up your timing chip and report to the Race Start location at 9:35am.
• Give your Bib Number and Name to the GRTC Official at the Start.

• The GRTC Official will start you at 9:40am.
Note: Your official finish time will include the extra time and you will still be eligible for series points and awards.

Volunteers Needed! Click for details.

2014-2015 Pre-Registered Runners

Series Runners - Click here to see list of pre-registered runners at RunSignUp.

Individual Races - Click here to see list of pre-registered runners at RunSignUp.

Report any problems or questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

2014-2015 Freezeroo Series

Sponsored by Dr. Mike Reinhardt, DC, ART
"Dedicated to Treating Running Injuries!"

Note:  Series Standings will be posted after the third race of the Series.


Age Group:

2013-2014 Freezeroo Series

Sponsored by Dr. Mike Reinhardt, DC, ART
"Dedicated to Treating Running Injuries!"

Final Series Standings

Series Winners:  Jen Malik and Kenny Goodfellow

Overall: pdf 2014_freezeroo_overall_series_standings_after_race_6 59.57 Kb

Age Group: pdf 2014_freezeroo_age_group_series_standings_after_race_6 24/02/2014,12:06

Report any problems or questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

2012-2013 Season Information:

Series Winners: Kenny Goodfellow and Kiki Maletz

Final Series Standings (updated 02-28-13):

pdf 2013freezerooseriesscoringoverall

Age Group: pdf 2013freezerooseriesscoringag

Sponsored by Dr. Mike Reinhardt, DC, ART

2011-2012 Series Information:

Series Winners: Jen Malik and Jeff Bigham

Final Series Standings: (updated 2/25/12)

pdf seriesscores2012race6overall

Age Group: pdf seriesscores2012race6agegroups

2010-2011 Series Information:

2010-2011 Freezeroo Standings - Final (02/26/11):
Overall Standings:
pdf freezeroo_overall_scoring_2011_1
Age Group Standings: pdf freezeroo_agegroup_scoring_2011_1

2009-2010 Season Information:  

Standings (FINAL)
pdf freezeroo_series_overall_2010_-_final
Age Group: pdf freezeroo_series_age_group_2010_-_final

2008-2009 Season Information:

blue_arrow.gif Freezeroo Series Overall Final Standings: pdf freezeroo_series_overall_2009_final_standings
blue_arrow.gif Freezeroo Series Age Group Final Standings: pdf freezeroo_series_age_group_2009_final_standings

YouTube Slideshow from Race #1 - compliments of RrRr - Original Photos by Mike May
Photos from New Year's Resolution Run
Photos from Don Curran Memorial 5K - Tim Matthews & Tommy Pampalone

Photos from the Hearne-ish 10K -
Tim Matthews & Tommy Pampalone
Photos from the Greece Valentine's 8-Miler - Tim Matthews & Tommy Pampalone
Photos from the Churchville 10K - Tim Matthews

2007-2008 Season Information

Overall Final Standings: pdf freezeroo_08_standings_overall_after_6

Age Group Final Standings:
pdf freezeroo_08_standings_age_group_after_6