Welcome to Fall. September is upon us. I just spent the last week in the Adirondacks and honed my trail running talents. Although I have done a lot of trail running in the past, I find nothing as inspiring as the mountains on a beautiful sunny day. Being out on a new trail is exhilarating, even if you really know where you will end up. The new sights, sounds and smells make the time on your feet worthwhile. I took some runs along the Adirondack Railway track line, where it’s easy to imagine the dominance of the train during a bygone era. I ran besides some beautiful ponds and lakes with gulls, herons, canoes and sailboats. Several runs took me out on dirt logging roads, often wondering what would be around the next bend. I even found some short, paved and steep hills with little traffic where hill repeats could be done on a sunny day. The vacation, as always, was too short. But, as always, it was a time to “recharge the running batteries”.


              Now with Labor Day behind us and the fall ahead, it’s time for each of us to plan out our fall running schedule. Whether you are a long distance endurance runner, a short distance competitive road runner, a trail runner or just a neighborhood weekend jogger, GRTC has something for you all. For the competitive road/trail runners, the RROY series has a number of offerings. On 9/24 is the Iron Angel 5K cross country race.  On 10/14 is the Finish Strong 15K.  For the long distance endurance runner, the “jewel in the crown” is the Can Lake Ultra 50 mile/50 K race around Canandaigua lake on 10/7. And for the “all weather” runners with a longer time horizon in mind, start putting the 2017/18 Freezeroo series on your calendar. GRTC is happy to announce the series dates and courses listed below. I hope to see you all out there this season. And, whatever kind of runner you are, don’t be afraid to try a new distance or format this year. You’re guaranteed to have fun and perhaps meet a whole new group of people with whom to enjoy running with in the future. And of course, put the date of the GRTC annual banquet, 1/27/18, on your calendar early.  It will be held again at the Burgundy Basin Inn. Each year it’s a great time to recap successes and have fun with your running friends.


              So, go to our website and check out all the coming races for the fall and winter. Let’s all enjoy the many offerings our robust running community has to offer. Try out a new race distance, format or surface and see how “those other runners” live. And don’t forget to renew your GRTC membership using the link below or log onto our website. A $20 yearly membership is economical and goes a long way to help ensure the health of running in the Rochester area. You’ll be glad you did. See you out on the road.


Doug Jones, President GRTC





12/9/17: Don Curran Memorial 5 K race in Gates      

                                                                                    1/1/18: New Year’s 7.5 mile Mendon Ponds  

                                                                                 1/13/18: Pineway Ponds 5 mile race in Spencerport

1/27/18: Hernish 5 mile race in Victor

2/10/18: Valentine’s Day 8 mile race at Braddock Bay Park

2/24/18: White House 4.4 mile race in Webster Park (with awards)


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